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hey chris,

home again now for the foreseeable. finally listened to half of your snug meeting with brian on the way home. made a lot of notes. well, a few notes with a lot of info in them.

i could hear the workshop frame as a possible outline for the book. enough that i could imagine jettisoning the three papers as basis... if we could develop a logic like that conversation taht we'd both be willing to write through. are we sure we want to write a book? i'm rather tired of the old text, pushing it around, trying to make it fit. i hate to think of rewriting the quads story, but maybe that can be a much smaller retelling iwth a biography for those inclided to make more connections? or even a link to the old paper online? anyway, i enjoyed the life and flow of the conversation and thought it would be more fun to write if we had the space that you two had in the chatting.

along the way, my understanding of the f/e/p/l/c levels shifted and i could see how to talk about each of them in their turn, in each quadrant. the main shift is that i let go of the facilitator role in favor of simply a 'self' role. i could see rearranging the order that i'd suggested previously - feplc to closer fit the way we might work with groups... f - L - e - p - c ...then C becomes about ongoing support and change, ripples... L more about the prep than the coaching afterward, i think.. and E is product of leader conversation... so we talk about being a free self, a leader with position, an event where a network is connected, the participants as network animated and moving, and the context as the long term spirit of the work. this seems to fit better for me all around, and looking at self instead of F means less confusion between that role and others.

worked in sweden with a guy who's got a bunch of process work experience with mindells. it's the first body of work that i've found that is bigger than os, big enough to hold os inside of it. have we considered asking key people in other methods to read our practice story and translate their practice into these things... or vice versa... anyway, to connect others and others?

as for the ever-shifting view of the four practices... i'm coming back to some old language and found a bit of new in your conversation...

1. opening heart... muchly same as i've written elsewheres... wide and deep... heart as caring and heart of the issue... heard three levels in your exercise chat... valentine shape (form), pulsing fist (function), hand as heart tissue (already is heart, just as it is). taking the middle path, i'd emphasize opening as the life-renewing practice that balances our propensity for closing... together we restore pulsation... in this way, from the beginning of the story, we don't fight with other ways... but balance and re-animate them.

2. inviting understanding... (this is as general as attention, allowing for listening, discerning, visioning, storytelling, etc) and a step beyond attention. the desired product of attention. and acknowledges a measure of responsibility... and sharing... community, collective... not knowing and knowing...

3. supporting commitment... stability and instability, or dynamic holding... commitment is easily developed as the basis for exchange, conversation, flow, movement, etc... it's an easy enough extension of understandign... committing to the story... i was noticing my own sweden re-tellings of this that it's commitment(s) that support the action... and our contracts and agreements that hold community together.

4. making good... still works fine...

then i imagined, coming back to outline implicit in your snug conversing, an outline that might look like this...

in each quadrant...

-a story about the hand exercise, in workshop or other (leadership coaching) learning setting... so reinforces that we've been teaching this stuff already -one or more questions about our experience in the world, serving, structuring, inviting, etc that makes connection to how we already live/work -then talking through five roles... self, leader, event, ppts, context -then perhaps a story or two... ??? perhaps also another method or two connected??

i'm making this last line about story/method up just now because i notice that this frame i'm suggesting starts with exercise (heart of practice, pulsation, invitation, offering, grounding ...though i can't recall the last exercise)... then stories of experience, vision of organization, invitation to integrate... then a structured view based on roles... then results and actions.

maybe such four sectoins would require an earlier telling of the quads/donuts story, but this intro section might go this way...

-story of network game... it's all moving and chaotic already,,, we want it to stop, but it won't... -inv org/donuts story... as our experience, first in looking around the world, then in teaching the workshops (donuts) -introduction of roles... how to read this book? structure of this story? -introduction of the four practices... four behaviors?

so this gives intro, and four chapters... and concluding section is a mystery, logic-wise. i could believe that the intro is really a recap of our actions, q4, then the next four are like us giving a tour of the places we've been. that means the conclusion is return to heart and purpose... now that might work. and still it feels a bit fuzzy...


-retell os story as an "experiment", like the other games, that can now be concluded -summary understanding of the four practices -roles... what to say here? something about what's involved in making the four shifts? -website invitation to keep it going together

is the model for this last section the coaching conversations with leaders afterward? or does it go back to the workshop design and the 'exercise' is the participants doing their 'event' at the end of the workshop. or anyone doing an openspace as a first 'experiment' and then learning from it? i can't tell yet.

at the moment i'd like to think we could sketch out a nice tight little outline and then fill it with a flow of ideas like the snug chat. where the frames would be easily visible adn the rest would be as messy as open space and our usual story wandering.

where are you these days? back from toronto? gone to the summer island? what's your schedule?


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