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Welcome to all of us who will shortly be gathering in Dublin for the OST Facilitators Workshop.

I'm Gillian Pearce. I'm a member of the Planning Team and only discovered Open Space 12 days ago but already my mind is reeling with the implications this has for my life.

Here's my quote of the moment:

"Any moment now, the earth will crack open and I will stare into its dark centre. Into that smoking caldera, I will throw most of what I have treasured, most of the techniques and tools that have made me feel competent. I cannot do that yet; I cannot just heave everything I know into the abyss. But I know it is coming." - Meg Wheatley

Who are you and who/what is calling?

MichaelHerman checking in here... i'll be coming to lead the workshop, but I leave tomorrow for a three-day openspace summit on "Place-Making and Public Art in Milwaukee (Wisconsin, USA)" and then home for just two days before flying out to Dublin, via New York. So it feels like i leave tomorrow! Looking forward to meeting everyone there and sharing a few stories of what is growing world around in open space.

ChrisCorrigan? here. I'm NOT in Ireland, but I want to be. [Well Chris... you are in Ireland now virtually! We've got a copy of your CD "InTheHeather?" and it's all over the airwaves!] I'm on an island off the west coast of Canada. I'm a traditional Irish musician and an Open Space facilitator and an erstwhile co-conspirator with Michael. While you are learning OST in Ireland we will be doing the same in a WinnipegPracticeWorkshop in Winnipeg, Canada. I can't wait to compare notes... [Looks like the IrelandPracticeWorkshop notes will continue to reside here for awhile since putting a wiki up on http://www.openspace.ie is proving to be a bit of a challenge ("safety" and financial concerns...darn)! Thanks Michael for extending this space to us!]

Have fun, Marty, Michael, Gillian and others. [Thanks Chris! .. [] notes by MartinGiannini]

Hi! from me too. I am MartinGiannini and I hosted/organised the event. Just want to chime in to say that sharing is caring and that using this space to everyone's advantage is very simple. Just click on "Edit this page" below and you'll discover that you can add or delete any text you want from what's already here. And then click "Save" to spit it back at ya and all who visit. IT's fun and a way for us to practicE "right conversation."

Hi I'm Shay and I was lucky enough to attend Michael and Martins workshop. It was great to finally see OS in action. It was also amazing to see peoples reaction to being in open space. On the second day a great discussion arose about the effect of combining the workshop and open space in one event. It made some people feel very uneasy. But guess what the uneasy ones ended up in the same space as some easy people and as the right people were there the talking started and the issue was well trashed out. When we all finished learning and contributing, we stopped talking about it. Great stuff.

who's next? Me! Hi all, Bill here. Many thanks to all at the Wicklow Workshop for their inspiration. I thoroughly enjoyed the two-day-workshop, as well as making the aquaintence of future (?) Open spacers. Thought I would let you all know that today I got the go ahead from my advisory committee to run an Open Space in February on alcohol issues in Ireland. If anyone is interested in coming along or just being kept up to date on it's progression, then e-mail me. Regards to all, BillHunter? mailto:billhunter@eircom.net

way to go, bill! would be glad to see your news here as you go. Q&A as needed/appropriate as well. thanks. MichaelHerman

High folks. after some silence I'm back. The Open Space on Alcohol Issues, due to it's potential, was postponed from February and now has a preliminary date of May 13th from 9:30 am until 4:30 pm. It is anticipated that this is going to be a very exciting event. Alcohol issues being huge and close to many peoples hearts. The interest shown to date is astronomical and my main fear is that we don't end up with large enough facilities. Perhaps just fear, or maybe wishful thinking. Whichever, small or large, I know it is going to be extremely successful. When the venue is confirmed and the date definately confirmed, I shall post again here. Best wishes to all Open Spacers. Bill Hunter

Hey great work Bill. Looking forward to hearing back about the event. Best Wishes, martin

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