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Little things that make things run more smoothly, when the numbers get large...

- wall space: need about 2-3 inches per person

-"post and go" don't let conveners linger at the wall

- keep the main room available for large breakout session, don't schedule all of it for smaller sessions

- maps of facility posted prominently, but don't worry about mapping size of groups to size of spaces... that's all taken care of quite well by participants, and all part of the learning they do.

- large message wall: "messages to the bishop"

- proceedings document: consider producing a gallery of 1-sheet posters instead of documents on computer... can make 2x4" stickers on each blank posterboard with template for notes-taking. (this posters gallery is in lieu of computer typed documentation, not in lieu of groups taking working notes on flipcharts during sessions.) ProceedingsAlternatives

- use cushions on the floor instead of chairs (they did this in berlin with 2100 participants)



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