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  1. City of Whitehorse, Pool, and 85K Mural done by BC artists.
  2. Leaders are not listening.
  3. At first, try to control everything, no holiday, work 7 - 5.
  4. After 2 years, holidays, but wouldn't leave town, checked up on folks, if listened would give accountability to staff.
  5. Now, take 5 - 6 weeks holidays, trust, staff empowered, love jobs.
  6. Was one of them, now, all important, just different jobs.
  7. Trigger, taking in stress, leaders won't let go, let others take on some of the work.
  8. Courses, take lots. Tools, resources to use led to trust. Confidence superiors have in staff not what it should be. Micro management. Leaders need to let go.
  9. Take courses, radiate upward.
  10. Performance review - need to strive for something.
  11. People get excited about evaluations, they put effort in, are achnowledged, fun versus useless.
  12. Listening includes body language, actions, not just verbal.
  13. Leadership - fun.
  14. Not managers job to solve it, need buy in from staff.
  15. Physically separate - 2 places, planning space, best team-building, fought system, showed special needs. Potential for marketspace.
  16. How to get them to talk, get common solutions, different departments talking about one another, didn't know how each other worked, no sharing of information. Bottom line is all departments work together. Why would your department need to know other departments? For cross-training.

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