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LISTENING TO COMMUNITY VOICES: Consultation with Victims, Survivors and Victim Services in BC

''Taking time to reflect, renew shared commitments, and create solutions together.''

Looking back over the past three decades we can see how increased recognition and concern for victims of crime has guided, and continues to guide, the justice system and community responses to victims, witnesses, and family members impacted by crime.

From a grassroots movement, lead primarily by women dedicated to assisting other women and children who were victims of violence and abuse, services to victims have grown, become more specialized and better able to respond to the diverse needs of victims.

The development of new legislation, policies, initiatives and programs for victims of crime and their families have impacted our choices around the types of services available and how we deliver those services to victims, their family members and witnesses. As we enter the new millennium, it is time to take a step back so we can reflect on past lessons and experiences, renew our shared commitment and dedication to improving services to victims, and set our vision for the future.

This unique opportunity will bring together victims, survivors, and victim service deliverers who are prepared to share their experiences and work together to create the vision for victim services in the future. We will be meeting in Open Space to provide participants the time and support needed to collaborate and share information, create solutions, and commit to action.

We will be meeting for a full day on June 8th and a half-day on June 9th. at the Blue Horizon Hotel

                                       June 8, 2000	                           June 9, 2000
  Garibaldi Room                       Garibaldi Room
              8:30am - 5:00pm	               8:30am – 11:30am
                                      Reception to Follow

We look forward to seeing you there! If you have not yet filled in your “Response Form”, please do so as soon as possible and fax to the attention of Marcie Mezzarobba at (604) 660-5340.

Information About the Open Space Process

Some of you may be asking the question, “What is Open Space?”

Open Space is a “meeting technology” that creates an environment for teamwork, innovation, creativity, problem solving, and action. It is not a traditional form of “consultation”. There is no pre-set agenda, keynote speaker, or pages of overheads. Instead, time is given for the expression of ideas on the issues that are important to the people in the room.

Gathered in a circle, you as the participants will set the agenda. The work will be conducted in discussion groups assembled by anyone who wishes to step forward and identify a topic, a problem, or an area of concern. As you break away into groups you will join together with others who have a shared interest in the identified issue.

Open Space operates on four principles:

1. Whoever comes are the right people 2. Whatever happens is the only thing that could have happened 3. When it starts is the right time 4. When it’s over it’s over

There is also one law, known as the law of mobility. The law states that when you find yourself in a situation where you are not contributing or learning, move to a situation where you can.

This meeting will create a unique opportunity to collaborate, share ideas and commit to action. When you leave, you will have with you a book of proceedings to serve as a basis for commitment.

Again, we look forward to seeing you at the consultation.

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