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Master List of Associations

1. Addiction Prevention and Recovery Groups

2. Advisory Community Support Groups (friends ofÖ)

3. Animal Care Groups

4. Anti Crime Groups 5. Block Clubs 6. Business Organizations/Support? Groups 7. Charitable Groups and Drives 8. Civic Events Groups th Carnival Committee 9. Cultural Groups

10. Disability/Special? Needs Groups

11. Education Groups

12. Elderly Groups

13. Environmental Groups

14. Family Support Groups

15. Health Advocacy & Fitness Groups

16. Heritage Groups

17. Hobby and Collectors Groups

A Pediatricianís Guide to Local Associations

18. Menís Groups

19. Mentoring Groups

20. Mutual Support Groups

21. Neighborhood Improvement Groups

22. Political Organizations

23. Recreation Groups

24. Religious Groups

25. Service Clubs

26. Social Groups

27. Social Cause/Advocacy? Issue Groups

28. Union Groups

29. Veteranís Groups

30. Womenís Groups

31. Youth Groups

Source: New Community Tools for Improving Child Health: A Pediatricianís Guide to Local Associations

John L. McKnight? The Asset-Based Community Development Institute Institute for Policy Research Northwestern University

Carol A. Pandak Community Access To Child Health (CATCH) Program American Academy of Pediatrics

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