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OpenSpaceTechnology/InvitingOrganizationAddendum is an ongoing record of "real world" stories that seem to fit nicely into the map borrowed from Ken Wilber and re-spun in organization terms as InvitingOrganizationEmerges.

Thanks to Jill Perkins for the bolded bits below, summarizing the epistemes of Michel Foucault, from his The Order of Things, An Archaeology of the Human Sciences, original copyright 1966. --MichaelHerman

"Foucault's work is indispensible for cultural historians." --The New York Times Book Review.

Renaissance (16th Century) - signs and symbols and what they mean, how do we know the sign means what it means, divination, "god's will", understanding through similtudes and resemblance

ChrisCorrigan? shared with me the Ojibway version of the QuaTrinity stuff revisited yesterday... he said they would do it as (the equivalent of) spirit-god-mary-jesus. spirit being the initial impetus, god being the creator/storyteller/utterer of the word, mary and jesus being third and fourth like in QuaTrinity...

which means that this 'god's will' stuff from foucault is easy to map into the quad2, meaning, divination, finding direction, understanding, knowing, and such all line up nicely... religion... what is good... strategy... what is good... story... god is good...

Classical (17th - 18th Centuries, and probably well into the 19th) - how can we link signs to what they mean, analysis of representation, classification, understanding the certainty (or probability) of a relation, the type of relation, and the orgin of relation, a knowledge of order, taxonomy

then this stuff fits easily in third quad... linking, relationship, classification, order, knowledge, probability, certainty... all of these words fit nicely with network, structure, learning, hierarchy, grouping, movement (impermanence/uncertainty)... but not very evolved, as not much marketplace or flow to these things... bottom three levels at best... also, origin maps nicely to mary/womb, too.

Modern (late 19th Century to now) - analysis of meaning and signification, strive for something better and new, transformation, possibility

striving and new seems to fit with 'making' of fourth quad, but mostly "possibility" aligns with power there... same root, french, pouvoir, to be able... significance... value... application... what's it good for... what can it do? now we know it, what't the next step? bottom-line, and springboard.

Now What??? Spring into What???

so then in these terms, i try to make the next story... would be first quad, (late 20th now to next lifetime) so that would be same quad as time before renaissance... so it might be dark... hmmm... passion... which means suffering... baby boomers who dominated so much of life in last 50 years will all die in the next 50 years... notice if trinity story is spirit, made word/concept in god, into the world as jesus, through mary... then jesus conquers death, ascends... then it fits that boomers bring our attention to death/dying and some ascending follows... so maybe this next age is Transcendent? also noticing htat renaissance is "rebirth" (body, 2d level), and classical is consistent with mind and the term you offer here consistent with network 3d level, and then things get a bit murky, but i'm wondering if we aren't spiraling up a bit through each quadrant... the season changes and also the level expands... so maybe the next age is Passion or Passionate, incorporating suffering, and the next renaissance would be Ascendence? ...and do the time periods get shorter as our processing speeds up and we get to a different level/circumference of spiral curve... a different place in the vortex... is the universe expanding or contracting? are we spinning out into the void or swirling down the drain? dunno...

...consider that transformation comes, possibility is supported in this third place by hyper-linking, mastered in the second... so what does hyper-transformation, or hyper-possibility look like? hyper-analysis? we blow it up or break it down? either way, seems we're headed into a big open space... where the old thing is over and the new thing hasn't happened yet... Bardo... Open Space... dark ages? healing? wholing? death of improvement? return to spirit? the ultimate improvement, One? ...and what to do? take good care... of everything and everyone... in the flow, i think. good company. with-ness. witness. and the dance of improvement and effort (power) is springing into space, the heart (love) of all space, or our own little bits of all space.

so the next big wave of Life might be a lot like a fabulously fresh red bell pepper: bursting with firmness and juice, resilience and crunch, twisting and turning on the outside and a whole, new space on the inside. the outsides are so loud and the insides are so quiet. the union of pressure and peace, in the same way that pulsation and heart include pumping and pause. the thing to do is savor each beat, little crunch of the Whole... beyond meaning, learning and improvement... just as it is, and whenever it comes, in its own time, in its own way, in its own flow, the flow of transition dissolving into transformation dissolving into evolution... and in this way, i think the world must be getting smaller, fresher, and back to the things that really feed life, feed us, inside and out.

or perhaps i am just warped, and Life's not to burst like a big bell pepper. scientists reporting today that the cosmos is shaped like the [eiffel tower]. so we might yet go down the drain, assuming that the cosmos-tower is upside-down and spinning. no matter, peppers will float!

as usual, the theory gets thick and then we're flushed back into the territory again. so, speaking of peppers, what's in the fridge?


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