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MidwestOpenSpace?, Peoria Area Labor Management Council, GlobalChicagoNET?, and others will host a regional practice conference for anyone interested in experiencing and/or using OpenSpaceTechnology to do inspired work in corporate and/or community organizations.

Please Join Us...


Enhancing the Wholeness: How, When and Why Does Open Space

Become the Reality of How We Live and Work ...in Spite of Everything?

If you are leading or planning meetings, conferences, mediations, or project teams, you will be interested in this opportunity to meet and work with peers. Our past gatherings have been intimate, advanced, practical and personal learning sessions, with very experienced practitioners and always a few people totally new to OpenSpaceTechnology. The conversations have always been more than rich enough to feed us all. And we always seem to learn things we can really use, right now.

This is a good chance to learn about Open Space Technology through the direct experience of it. Having noticed that Wholeness is essential for the Living function of all organizations, from families to communities to the Fortune 500, we invite you to consider how it is that we preserve and enhance the essential, functional Wholeness and Life of organizations, even as so many distractions, disruptions and dysfunctions compete for our attention. And how Open Space invites and supports Wholeness and Health in our lives and our organizations.

This forum is an Exploration of the many things that are still/already really working, an Opportunity to work with like-minded friends and colleagues on whatever big, new things are coming up next for you, and an Open Space for learning and connecting with other corporate, union and community leaders.





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Click to register: mailto:dkoehler@palm.h-p.org

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