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More About Wiki

to start a wiki like this one, visit http://www.usemod.com or some of these other sites... MoreAboutWiki?

the following is a bit more technical than the HowToUseWiki page. It's copied from another site so some of the links (?'s) don't work because i extracted this from another wiki. click here for the original copy: http://www.usemod.com/cgi-bin/wiki.pl?TextFormattingRules

More Wiki Text Formatting Rules

Simple editing is one of the major benefits of using a wiki. Users can edit pages without knowing HTML, and still use many formatting features of HTML. Most wikis define a set of formatting rules to convert plain text into HTML. Some wikis (like this one) also allow some HTML "tags", like <b>, <i>, and <pre> within a page. (Some wikis use raw HTML instead of special formatting rules.)

| Tips | Hints The following text is an overview of the UseModWiki? text formatting rules. For examples without all the explanatory text, see the TextFormattingExamples?. To try these rules for yourself, please feel free to edit the SandBox page. To see how any page is formatted, just follow the link "Edit text of this page" at the bottom of the page.

'Single Quotes'

Two Single Quotes

Three Single Quotes

Entering text on a wiki can be done simply. Follow these guidelines:

Repetition of the first character on the line generally increases the indentation or emphasis

click here for more about this stuff... http://www.usemod.com/cgi-bin/wiki.pl?TextFormattingRules

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