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Notes on Somatic Practices that support Opening, Inviting, Hosting, Grounding...

From Embodying Well-Being by Julie Henderson (http://www.zapchen.com). Julie offers three dozen exercises essentially along this path:

...and what happens, generally, is a simulataneous, automatic and effortless arising of four main states: compassion (wish for the other with whom one gets Mutually Aware to be free of suffering), love (the wish for them to be happy), joy (the capacity to share their delight), and confidence (grounded freedom from being yanked around). The suggestion here is that if we practice along this way, then we arrive at a place where all of the states, which can easily be associated with all of the quadrants/practices, arise naturally, automatically and easily without efforting, even in the midst of organization and community chaos. aaaaahhhhhh....

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