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how to respond to an RFP with a proposal for OpenSpaceTechnology

this via the OSLIST from harrison owen...

when writing proposals:

1) Answer the questions asked (presuming that they asked some).

2) Keep it simple.

3) Say as little about Open Space as possible. Certainly don't try and explain it. Cite the history (30,000 reps, 75 countries etc.) List the "promises" (all issues on table, all issues discussed, written reports . . .) I find attaching an article (eg NY times) is a good way of covering the territory.

4) List services offered (Preplanning, Facilitation, debrief)

5) Quote a price (fee plus expenses).

...and for goodness sake don't offer to provide logistical support (venue selection etc.) They can do it. It will give them something to do, which will keep them out of trouble, and out of your hair.

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