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Open Space Technology Training for Facilitators

MichaelHerman? is an internationally active and recognized practitioner and teacher of OpenSpaceTechnology, as the basis of InvitingLeadership. He shares his design and facilitation experience in workshops, retreats, and coaching conversations with facilitators, organizers, sponsors -- leaders -- around the world.

Michael has conducted training programs, with the help of local colleagues, in Fairbanks, Peoria, Hong Kong, Singapore, Udaipur, Mumbai, Kathmandu, Dublin, Perth, Bowen Island, Winnepeg, Vancouver, Chicago, and Phoenix. This follows more than five years of supporting and organizing OST training workshops in Chicago, with OST originator Harrison Owen.

Open Space Technology Practice Retreat

The OpenSpaceTechnology/PracticeRetreat is an intensive retreat for leaders, managers, facilitators, consultants, community activists, and anyone else who wants to open more space for renewal, visioning, learning and productivity -- in business, government, educational and community organizations. This is an opportunity for deep learning about leadership and change, in the context of the practices that support facilitating Open Space.

Facilitator Coaching and Partnering

MichaelHerman? works one-on-one with leaders who want to open space, when schedules, distance, and learning needs require a more immediate and specialized approach. Do you prefer to learn by direct experience and partnering -- and do you have at least one specific situation for using OpenSpaceTechnology? Then you might consider having coaching support before, during and after the event, onsite or behind the scenes, working as equal partners, teaching you or your organizing group as much as possible and visible to your client/organization only as you choose along the way. Mix your situation(s) and facilitation with MichaelHerman?'s experience -- learning and doing together. WhatPeopleSay?

Custom Training and Ongoing Practice in Organization

MichaelHermanAssociates? offers a two-day /TrainingPracticeWorkshop program that is one of the fastest and fullest ways of incorporating the powerful, practical OST approach into everyday organization. The Workshop makes an easy and excellent customized in-house program and/or follow-up for an OpenSpaceTechnology working meeting or conference. Either way, it's a seamless combination of learning about OpenSpaceTechnology and doing the real work of your organization.

Contact? Michael Herman to learn more about OpenSpaceTechnology.

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