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Inviting Organization: Evolution is Now and Open Space

This is the first of my OpenSpaceTechnology books/collections. It presents OpenSpaceTechnology as a practice in invitation, a view that has been catching on around the world, so seems to have some merit. Back in 1998-2000, I spent A LOT of time editing and formatting for the web. So I'm having trouble parting with some of the fun I made there. You can still [browse the original book here].

This collection was the forerunner to the /TrainingPracticeGuide we have been giving Training and Practice Workshop participants around the world. Some of the background depth and playfulness fell victim to the sharpening that occured in the transition.

See [Publications] ...for details on how to download the original collection and/or the /TrainingPracticeGuide

Inviting Organization: Evolution is Now and Open Space

Table of Contents

Many Gifts, One Story.

Opening Invitation
...in organization

Inviting Evolution
Four Quartets, an ending(?) from T.S.Eliot
An Open Life, from a Michael Toms interview with Joseph Campbell
Critical Path, a letter and more, from R. Buckminster (Bucky) Fuller
A Brief History of Everything, from Ken Wilber
Breathtaking Transformation, a personal opening

Evolving Organization
A Brief History of Evolution at Work
The Inviting Organization Emerges
Strategic Conversation, a case story by Uwe Weissflog
Intentional Evolution in Organization

Organizing in Open Space
Open Space Technology: The Executive Summary
Emerging Order in Open Space, the state of the art by Harrison Owen
Working in Open Space: A Guided Tour
Youth Action: Organizing in Open Space
So what do you want to become? ...and where to begin
Embodying Open Space: It's Already Now (yawn, yawn)

Opening Invitation
...as organization

Appendix for Practitioners
More Resources

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