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Open Space Training and Practice Workshop Guide

The Peace Edition of the OST Practice Guide is now available for public downloading. This "Peace Edition" is the 8th (?) edition of the training and practice workshop manual. Early editions were numbered. Then the Asian Edition went to Hong Kong and Singapore. The World Edition went to Ireland, India and Australia. On Bowen Island, off Vancouver BC, it had to be the Hockey Edition, to fit Maple Leafs fan and workshop partner Chris Corrigan. For the workshops in Chicago (Oak Park) and Phoenix, Arizona we got more clever with the Frank Lloyd Wright edition, Wright having left his mark signifcantly in both places. And now, in March of 2003, this Peace Edition will be the first edition posted online, in hopes that it will go everywhere. May we all invite peace! [Publications] | /PracticeGuideAddendum

Praise for the Practice Guide

The Practice Guide is proving to be a great source of good recipes [for OpenSpaceTechnology]. The relevant criteria (criterium?) is not how good I think it is, but how often I pull it off the shelf to look something up, or cruise for ideas that stretch my understanding, or use as a checklist at some stage of the process. I'm getting better about putting books back on the shelf, but this one comes off the shelf very, very often!

From Joelle Everett in Shelton, Washington, who's been opening space for a dozen or more years now and attended last year's Training and Practice Workshop on Bowen Island BC Canada

Open Space Technology: Practice Resources for Inviting Organization

Table of Contents

Workshop Agenda 4

The Spirit of Open Space 5

What is Open Space Technology? 6
Open Space Technology: An Executive Summary 7
Opening Space for New Life at Work 9
Working in Open Space: A Guided Tour 11
Where Has Open Space Technology Really Worked? 17
Mission: Control? (by Harrison Owen) 21
The Inviting Organization Emerges 26

The Practice of Open Space 49

Talking About Opening Space 50
Giving Shape to Open Space 57
The Role of the Facilitator in Open Space 59
Inviting Language for Invitations and Openings 60
Checklist for On-Site Preparations 62
A Sample Script for Opening the Space 64
Documenting What Happens in Open Space 68
Going Beyond Open Space 69
Non-Convergence: Toward Ongoing Everyday Open Space 70
Rules for Ongoing Open Space 76
Embodying Open Space 77

Worldwide Resources 81

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