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Issue: Organizing an Organization with Open Space in Mind

Participants: Amanda (convener), Penny, Doug, Susan, Gary, Gretchen

how can we invite new people/perspectives without de-historicizing ourselves in organization?

i wasn't part of this conversation, but so far this sounds like making things more difficult than they have to be... especially the concern about power differentials... in open space, everyone is given equal access to the information on and informing capacity of the agenda wall... this and the nature of circle naturally equalize power differentials, though sometimes this has to be learned and tested by participants... mostly people just need time to discover their power in the space. also, no need to jettison old history, just tell it as it's been and invite all people to work together to create the next chapter of the story. --MichaelHerman

how can we best intetgrate open space tech into formal governance proceedings?

further editorial here... the mixing of open space and 'procedures' usually creates speed bumps and turbulence for everyone present... --mh

is it a challenge of vision or a challenge of enrolling in the vision?... creating A LIVING COMMUNITY OF FRIENDS...

...further editorial... i think it is definitely not about 'enrolling in a vision, i.e. somebody else's pre-determined vision, but rather asking the questions and raising the issues and creating the space for people to surface, discover, and articulate their own vision(s) on the way to building the infrastructure needed to support each individual's working activity to realize that/those shared dreams. --mh

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