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Peoria Schools OpenSpaceTechnology Invitation

See OpenSpaceTechnology/DownloadPublications for copy of full proceedings document.

An open invitation from the District 150 School Board to all persons interested in...

The Future of Education in Peoria

Issues and Opportunities for Moving Forward Together in Peoria Public School District 150

If you have a passion for youth and education and an interest in the future and success of Peoria Public Schools, we need you!

Join us for a three-evening Public Schools Summit
June 3rd-5th, 2002, 5:30 to 9:30 PM each night
in the Lincoln Middle School Gymnasium
RSVP Required by Friday, May 31st

You are invited to participate in a District-wide open forum discussion about the future of public education and its impact on our community. We will use a wide-open process for this event, in which all forum participants will work together and directly to create our working agenda and outcomes.

Our purpose is simple and important: to bring together concerned people from all across District 150 to create a shared vision for our public schools. The results of our work will provide the foundation for moving forward together.

This is an exciting time in our school district. We have many changes and opportunities on the horizon. Because you care about education in our community, you have the skills, experiences and insights that are essential to make our dreams for our children become reality.

None of this can happen without open, honest conversation and commitment from each and everyone of us. Please join us for this important event and be prepared to be surprised by what we can do together.

Pre-registration AND pre-payment of the $15 registration fee is required. The fee will help cover some of the costs. Scholarships will be available according to need. Total registration is limited, but open to ALL. Please commit to attending all three evening sessions. The attached registration form must be returned and payment made not later than Friday, May 31st. See form for details. To apply for a scholarship, or for additional information, contact: The Office of School/Community? Relations at 672-6745.

Food will be provided during the three meetings. Parking is available at the Woodruff parking lot and participants may ride a shuttle to the meeting.

Your District 150 School Board looks forward working with you!

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