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July 2003

G'day folks

I'd like to share my wee bit of passion about the ongoing story of our local OS practice Group here in Perth, Western Australia - called Keeping the Space Open (KTSO)...

It began after Michael Herman's (that flippity-jib again :) visit in October last year - and the first OS facilitator training in Western Australia - one of the Action Plans emerging from the OS session in the training prog was to create an ongoing practice group so that new trainees could have a safe space in which to confirm their skills and learn more about OS - two of the trainees offered to coordinate and I offered to take the role of 'the sponsor' - we acquired a low-cost venue from a local NGO, set a date (about three months after the training), a time (4.30 - 7.30pm with snacks/tea/coffee available) and theme (sharing our curiosities and learnings about OST) and a suggested donation of $10 per person to cover costs.

We circulated those who had attended the training, others who had expressed interest in, or any curiosity about, OST and put it out through a few local community networks - including the local Govt / Public Service List serve. We anticipated about twenty people coming - over forty showed up and we had a great evening. One of the trainees opened and held the space - our time-frame was as follows:

 4.30 - 5.15     Welcome and Opening
 5.15 - 6.00     Session I
 6.00 - 6.45     Session II
 6.45 - 7.30     Closing Circle

(snacks and drinks were available - in the same room - from 5.15 onwards)

Convenors were invited to record conversations and send them to us for circulation to those who attended. From this session, five people registered for the next OS Facilitator co-learning workshop which I offered in April this year.

At this workshop, we invited anyone who wished to become involved in arranging and facilitating the next KTSO - four people wished to and subsequently organised our second session held a couple of evenings ago - same time, same venue, same cost (we had $100 left over from the previous session after all catering, venue and material costs had been covered) same circulation - with the theme (after much email dialogue between the four of us) emerging as: 'facilitating healing and growth in our organisations'.

And once again, to our surprise (by now we are well prepared for such surprises...), forty people registered and more showed up on the night - ended up with about 45. One of the trainees was 'the coordinator', another the sponsor' and another 'the facilitator'. Another great evening of conversation, camaraderie and conviviality....and the space remains open...

We will have two further OS facilitator co-learning workshops here this year and at least one further KTSO session.

I am so thrilled that there is so much interest and energy locally - it feels like the practice of peace is rippling through the chilly winds of winter here in the south west corner of the antipodes...

Thanks for your encouragement, support and solidarity around the planet

Blessings to all -- Brendan

March 2003

From: BrendanMcKeague? <mailto:mckeague@iprimus.com.au>;

G'day friends and colleagues... We held our first local practice group for OS here in sunny Perth during the week - it was fantastic...!

At the 2 day training program last year with Michael Herman, a small group decided to meet together for Keeping the Space Open - this was to be an opportunity to practice opening the space and to share how we were travelling in response to the training program. One person wished to be the facilitator, another the organiser and I agreed to be 'the sponsor'. We put it together as a team, got a great central venue for a small donation and decided to advertise it to those who were curious about Open Space - in addition to the twenty people who had participated in the training. It was mid-week from 4.30 - 7.30pm, with snack food and drinks - cost $10

We were delighted when 38 curiosities turned up - I did the intro as sponsor and the 'trainee' opened space on the theme: "Questions and curiosities about Open Space". We had two sessions, 5 - 6 and 6-7pm followed by a closing circle 7 - 730pm.

The feedback was very positive and most people commented on how they now understood how this process worked - an experiential seems to be the most effective way to explain...

So, we look forward to recruiting a few for our next training here in April and also for Harrison's visit in October


Brendan - keeping the space open in West Oz

November 2002

some of the topics posted during the practice workshop in perth. these from day one... the topics from day two somehow escaped us.

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