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three hours

one hour and ten minutes

from Thomas Herrmann, Sweden, http://www.openspaceconsulting.com...

When I do "presentations" I usually send the participants some information before the meeting - to enhance understanding. Then I usually use Whole Person Process Facilitation (as learnt by Birgitt Williams) for the process. Once I did this with the management group of an hospital, 13 persons. I had a little more than an hour.

The schedule went like:

1. Transfer in focusing on the issue at hand(20mts)

2. Short presentation/storytelling about Open Space Technology (15mts)

3. Work in small groups: How can OST help us to...(issue at hand)(15 mts in small groups, 10 mts sharing in the circle)

4. Further questions (10 mts)

5. Closing circle (10mts)

Before the meeting I sent the participants some basic info about OST. The meeting worked beutifully they kind of argued for using OST themselves.

Another way I have been thinking about, that I know some of you out there have used is to do an opening, stop after issues have been raised. And then talk about OST in the circle.

I hope this may be of assistance to your thinking.

one hour

 (Carla, Janet Pinto, Allison Baensch and I were all housemates at
 Allison and Jim's wonderful house in Healesville, Australia just before
 the Open Space on Open Space last month.  And let us not forget the most
 endearing four-footed wonderdog, Ms. Rosa!)

 I have given a 1-hour 'presentation' on Open Space at conferences.  I
 ask for a big room and chairs set up in a circle - all the same as if I
 were doing an Open Space itself.  I have the signs all around the room,
 markers and paper in the middle and so on, and for the agenda wall I
 have the theme

                       Strategies for Moving Our Work Forward
 Opportunities / Challenges             Creating / Sharing Resources

 If I want to give them an idea of what it would be like for what they
 are currently experiencing (in this case, I will pretend that I am
 giving this presentation in a conference) I set up the agenda wall so
 that it includes, say, 5 discussion area A-B-C's down the left side of
 that wall and across the wall, session times like

 Wednesday       Wednesday       Wednesday       Thursday        Thursday
 10:00-11:00     11:00-12:00     1:00-2:00       10:00-11:00

 Also on the wall are two more signs:

 Lunch is available 11:30-1:30


 Closing Circle 2:00-3:00 (or something like that)

 By the door I have an article I wrote describing Open Space (let me know
 anyone if you would like me to send you a copy) and a sheet letting them
 know when the next learning workshop is (in San Francisco and in other
 places in the world) and other ways to find out more).  This they pick
 up as they leave the presentation.

 I start seated in the circle and tell them I will be giving them a
 feeling for what it would be like to hold this conference in the method
 of Open Space - if it's a big conference I ask them to think about what
 it would feel like to walk into a room with a circle of 300 chairs (or
 whatever).  Then I tell them I'm going to show them the process (I want
 to give them the clarity that we are now segueing into enactment rather
 than my describing something) and I stand up and 'open' the space.  As
 always, I remind them to step out of their roles in their organizations
 and think as people - what are they passionate about and what do they
 feel is crucial for us to talk about before the conference/meeting

 They write their topics and post them, and I give them lots of time for
 this.  And then I finish with just exactly what I would tell any group
 before they set off to do their discussions.  And I ask them to go to
 the wall and sign their names on all the topics they would like to
 attend if they could bumblebee around, then to sit back down and join me
 in the circle.

 Then I make a change in the dynamics and let them know I am now changing
 back from the simulation to processing it.  And the first thing I ask
 them is to look at the wall.  Would they be stimulated by going to such
 a conference?  And aren't these much more diverse and exciting topics
 than any of us could have developed in all our good intentions in
 advance?  And so on.

 Then we talk about it, I bring up who they might have invited and who
 they could invite that would make it even better, they ask questions,
 and as the session closes I welcome them to pick up the article and
 information sheet by the door.

 - - -

 What I'm trying to do here is to give them a full-body understanding of
 the process, how they would feel, what it would stimulate, and so on.
 That's why the room is set up just like an OS, why I have them walk to
 the wall and sign their names on the topic sheets, etc.  Works pretty
 well in those short timeframes.

 The End by Lisa Heft.

 Warm greetings from rainy Berkeley, California USA, and Carla, I have
 heard that the Ketchup Song is coming to the States...and now you are
 going to have to explain that to the list...

one hour

 Date:         Fri, 14 Jun 2002 12:40:53 +1000
 From:         Fr Brian S Bainbridge <briansb@mira.net>
 Subject:      Re: How explain/demonstrate OS to Rotary, Kiwanis, Lions, etc.?

Broome, in Western Australia, is a long way from everywhere. Pretty much an

 outback town.
 Their Rotary Club meets weekly on Wednesdays at 0630 for one hour.
 I was known to be in town, and they asked me to yarn with them about "Open
 I didn't do that.
 But I did ask those assembled - maybe 20 persons - what matters they considered
 were seriously important in their community right now which they would like to
 chat about.
 The item that they thought most important was the impact of people arriving
 from other countries as refugees or whatever, and the pressure this was placing
 on their communities in North Western Australia.
 In a kind of circle, they explored that at great depth, seriously considered
 the ramifications, were attacked by a capital city person visitor who thought
 they were off the planet, and seriously enjoyed the opportunity to touch a
 matter that mattered and that they would never otherwise have raised in a
 Rotary Club meeting.  AND they ran overtime by more than half an hour.  That's
 what passion can do.  AND they asked that, when I return there, would I be sure
 to come and again open space for them.
 Arguably, they have had some slight experience of Open Space, have enjoyed the
 experience hugely, are positively disposed to anyone else who comes along and
 talks about same in other organisation settings, and learnt something about a
 topic which they would never otherwise have explored in that environment.
 A few days later, at the Saturday Market, the wives of several of those
 attending collared me and wanted to know how they could learn more about this
 remarkable activity.
 My two-penny-worth on this matter.
 Cheers and blessings,   BRIAN.

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