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OpenSpaceTechnology/InvitingOrganizationAddendum is an ongoing record of "real world" stories that seem to fit nicely into the map borrowed from Ken Wilber and re-spun in organization terms as InvitingOrganizationEmerges.

Catholic / Christian "Quatrinity" mapped in conversation with Br. Paul Michalenko: father creator, jesus redeemer, spirit sanctifier, mary mother church, as quadrants 4,1,2,3... meaning father, finance, making, power, peace go together; jesus, healer; spirit, sanctify, goodness, wind, calling, invitation, story; and mary, grace, movement, mother church, structure. though one might argue that god and jesus should be reversed, jesus as outer manifestation of inner god. hmmmm. also, each of the four is embedded in the church calendar, as well, but i'll need another conversation with paul to sort that one out. for now it seems god, jesus, spirit, and mary cycle annually as christmas, easter, pentecost, assumption/immaculate conception.

BUT... this is where this gets really dicey... once you get to things like God and spirit, there begins to be language for all four quadrants... it's like 'light" is used to mean love, clarity, speed and energy. they get harder and harder to distinquish because the nature of the evolution is to move toward One, to transcend and include all quadrants. i guess that through the eons different groups have stretched language of god or jesus or spirit to include more dimensions... i suppose they've tried to make one dimension rule the others... god as power... jesus as the word made flesh... was that spirit made flesh? through mary? so does god start it all off as Q1, a mind suddenly separate from the Void, with purpose (to heal, reconnect, return), driving force as love, power then being an outward manifestation of inner force of love? ...tricky... but seems to work best now if father is opposite mother, father as quad1, whose breath is spirit and the word, quad2, touches our outer world through the virgin, who gives birth to jesus, the word made flesh and who then transcends death, and what would be the end of the line and end of the cycle, returns to the father, so that life can then go on for ever... now we might really getting somewhere... jesus as healer, not really... didn't he claim healing came through him, but not by him?

then talking with ChrisCorrigan?, who shared ojibway version of equivalent stories... and convinced me that it maps like this...

spirit as initial force in quadrant one... god the creator in quad two, word, concept, the good... mary in three for all the reasons already noted... and jesus in four, mostly as noted above, noticing too that the feasts do map, too... immaculate conception marks axis between father and mary, christmas between mary and jesus, easter in quad four jesus literally taking responsibility for sins of all (so the story goes) and ascension, return to spirit or father, pentecost the celebration of spirit... the details escape me, but there's little doubt that this story fits the mold rather than breaking it.

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