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Raising Our Leaders HIGH... This page describes what Indian (ndn)youth believe is important in ndn Leadership. It also explicates what the youth want in their relationship with their leaders.

The qualities and attributes of a good leader must reflect the values that our ancestors held in their laws & societies. In current politics, it is so easy to forget who you are & where you are from with money & the ideal of success being individual as opposed to collective. We must always remember & work to prevent the saying that "Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely."

In traditional times a hereditary Chief would give all the food and provisions to his people as opposed to hording it. If there was no food & times were difficult the people would suffer together. This is an example of collective living. If leaders are connected to their community at a grassroots level they'll be connected to the reality of their people. As a result, passion will be an intricate component of their work. A successful leader will provide his/her community with the benefits of their work.

True leaders are people in the community that people will follow.

Following are attributes &/or goals ndn youth listed:

Leaders must...

              * Inspire other ndn's
              * Give ndn youth a reason 'WHY' they should be involved
              * Provide mentorship opportunities to ndn youth
              * Share their knowledge, wealth, & power with other ndn's
              * Be connected to their people, land & the Creator
              * Include traditional values in all their work
              * Decrease the communication gap between leaders & youth;devise a system      
                that is continuous and long term 
              * Break barriers & pre-conceived notions both within ndn communities as well 
                as non ndn communities.
              * Work to conserve & revive traditional roles in ndn communities
              * Be responsible to the people 
              * Be accountable for their actions.
              * Develop and honor a relationship with ndn youth that is based on reciprocity
                for example: youth serve as a motivator to the leaders & leaders motivate 
                the youth.
              * Model healthy relationships in their family & marriage. We need more ndn's 
                that are faithful, committed, monogomous in their marriage so the posterity 
                (next generations) do not continue the cycles of broken families or accept
                the ideal that infidelity is normal.
              * Must speak out against infidelity, child abusers, alcohol & drug abuse, & 
                all the other difficult issues our communities live with. If we continue to
                hide & protect our loved ones who are stuck in these dysfunctional cycles
                we only serve to enable their addictions & dysfunctionalities as well as
                modelling to the children & youth a status quo level of normality.
              * Be open & honest, & wear their humanity on their sleeve.
              * Create awareness & discussion that are NOT ALWAYS based on confrontation.
                Let's work together towards our common goals.
              * Acknowledge the constant colonial technique used to keep ndn's oppressed:
                "Divide and Conquer"... strategize around this because ultimately we are the
                experts when it comes to enforcing this technique.

Leaders must also demonstrate, Respect Humbleness & humility Integrity Diplomatic Confident Strong Passion for being ndn Cultural pride Value in grassroots work Be Inclusive of all ndn's Words and work must be credible Provide community forums Work towards UNITY Deal well with conflict Teach by example Put words into action Not afraid to go against the grain. Live in truth Raise the Next Generation on Truth!

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