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Convener: Terry Davis Participants: Marvin Martin, Loretta Ishida, Gretta Karane, Maria Ort, Mary Ortega-Itsell

Key Discussion Points:

- Set the stage - keep positive - share ideas - Initial event introduces Open Space - Focus on tasks at a later follow-up meeting - Boundaries and expectations will be set by group - Identify the purpose on the invitation -

   Issues from the whole group sets agenda
   On going bulletin board or bins for future discussion items
- First mtg may want to introduce O.S. with outside facilitator - Develop own style - agenda wall is useful tool

Conclusions and Recommendations

- Keep flexible - No "right" or "wrong" way of doing things - Style will develop from practice - Necessary to just start somewhere - Follow-up can come from notes or newsletter on website - Set-stage and share ideas

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