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In late 2003, a number of folks started talking about getting the recently formed Chicago area's sustainability organizations together for mutual support and resource leveraging. OpenSpaceTechnology as operating approach came up early and often in these conversations. What follows are some working notes, for creating an ongoing, organic and expanding sustainability circle in Chicago. It was decided to label the circle SOS-Chicago, which would stand for Seeding Our Sustainability, Synergetically Organized Sustainability, or a similar construct.


 Things we know about Chicago, conditions, sustainability, needs, etc.
 Things we want and think we can create together...

(Rael, Krista)...

MODELS/OPPORTUNITIES/NEEDS Illinois doesn't seem to have any state focused sustainable organizations similar to the following ones that have emerged in Wisconsin.

Wisconsin Partners for Sustainability http://www.madison.com/communities/wpsa/

Wisconsin Sustainable Futures Network http://www.madison.com/communities/wsfn/index.php

Also missing are county/regional grassroots focused sustainability organizations such as Sustain Dane (Madison area, Dane County, WI) http://www.sustaindane.org/

Givens, Boundaries

(what we will take as the beginning shape, the frame we will work within)

Assets and Resources Inventory

(we are not starting from scratch and this list will grow every time one person joins the crowd)

Invitation List

(organizations/people that might be interested in attending and working together)

When and Where and Other Logistics

(place, time, food, materials, followup, funding) A day long event. At the latest January 05.


(everything can be posted right back here in this and other wiki pages.)

More Info

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