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Secure Payments

Use this page to make secure payments via PayPal for workshop and conference registration, coaching conversations, and technical support. Click a button below to register, partner, or contribute. You will enter your payment amount on the next page. It's quick, easy and secure!

Contact me if you have any questions. Thank you! --MichaelHerman



Open Space Coaching/Partnering

BRING at least one real meeting/situation in which you want take and Open Space approach. More than one situation is fine, but at least on real situation is essential. Then, BUY some Open Space learning and experience. It's workshop learning fit directly to your situation. [more info]

For individual facilitator or other event leader - one half-day or equivalent, by phone or onsite, session(s) as scheduled and agreed. For planning groups - one half day or equivalent, phone or onsite, as scheduled and agreed. You will be able to enter the amount after clicking through to PayPal.   



Contributions to support Open Space work in Nepal

Leaders of a peaceful development movement in Nepal are currently organizing themselves, using OpenSpaceTechnology and other approaches, to rebuild their government and nation. Your contributions will support that organizing, rebuilding, and additional training for more practitioners to begin Opening Space for peace in Nepal. Thank you! All contributions received through this page will be forwarded to Ram Raut, National Chairperson of Nepal Appreciative Inquiry National Network, in Palpa, Nepal, who is organizing the work there. All funds will go directly to Nepal. No funds will be spent on administration here. NepalConferenceSummary and [NewInvitationFollowingAttacks]   

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