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CONVENERS: Mary Pierce, Loretta Ishida PARTICIPANTS: Mary, Loretta, Liz Magoon SUMMARY: 1) Leaders need to be open to change, have a desire to keep improving.

2) Start where there are leaders who are open - identify successful examples, e.g., increase in retention, decrease in recalls, decrease in costs, increase in profitability.

3) Speak the business/organizational language. Ask leaders "what would success look like to you?" Ask about process as well as output.

4) Change happens when there's a critical mass (CM). Following are sources of CM:

   *groundswell of desire for things to change
   *driven by a new generation, e.g., gen-Xers

5) a. Develop leaders > leadership education,training, knowledge-sharing re:new ways of leading

      *Leaders are influenced by peers, so find ways for them to connect and share experiences

   b. Develop individuals > education, training, knowledge-sharing re:how they can effect change
      *Group dynamics
      *Team building
      *Political systems
      *Influencing leaders
      *Encourage initiating/proposing new solutions.  Ask them to complete the sentence,"I could do my job better if_________________." 

-Submitted by Mary

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