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Small Change News

...is and experiment that came out of the GivingConference, ran for 1.5 years as a separate site, and now has been absorbed into my main blogging practice at [SmallChangeNews].

Here is some of the early thinking on the project...

What is Small Change News Network? Some fodder for the answer...

Working on sorting things out and moving forward with my work on http://www.smallchangenews.org

What is scnn?

SmallChangeNews is a journal of gifts and giving in action, real passion bounded by personal responsibility. It's about what we all want and need, and what some of us are actually doing about it. Organizations can't give care and don't take responsibility, only people can and do -- at every place and station and stage of life. Most organizations are carefully structured to limit and avoid responsibility. Organizations and communities need all kinds of little individuals -- to speak for them, to take good care, and do good work.

SmallChangeNews is a story and a space for little individuals who are taking care and doing good. Active givers, passionate folks who are taking responsibility, with and without formal 501c3 status. If you're looking to give your time, talents, money or other gifts to people who are making a difference, you'll find good company and connections here. If you know people and projects like this (or run one yourself), someone making small changes, taking small steps, inviting and accepting small gifts in order to make a big difference in the lives of others, please email us -- especially if they are blogging their story online.

The SmallChangeNews weblog offers and invites news people, projects and practices that are making a real difference in the lives of others. The blogroll in the sidebar contains links to the project weblogs (local news) and groups of blogs (network news) featured here, in addition to some powerful (and free) resources and important acknowedgements. Taken together, SmallChangeNews is a working model and freely-available template for elegantly simple, powerfully effective, and organically sustainable work in organizations and communities. It's an invitation to use whatever gifts and assets you have, and whoever you know, to make good things happen, wherever you are.

SmallChangeNews runs on giving passion and attention and taking responsibility for action, however small. It's a voluntary process, an open invitation, a social experiment, and a growing community. Please do and give what you can to help grow the News and the Links offered here. Read the news and tell your friends. Email links and stories. Make a small donation to SmallChangeNews or the projects featured here. Replicate this website for your group. Link, link, link and feed the good -- one click, one post, one gift at a time. Thank you! And welcome!

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