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A Micro Validation of sCNN Tom Munnecke has posted his ideas on Micro Philanthropy at Omidyar.net, to get "more and more people discovering their own power to make good things happen" for several years. Notice that sCNN is already embodying what Tom is proposing.

    Here are some goals:

    The basic premise of micro philanthropy will seem disruptive to the existing non-profit organizations which are based on the fundraising model. On the other hand, it will be liberating to those seeking innovative models of uplift, or who wish to participate more meaningfully in the philanthropic process than just writing checks in response to fundraising solicitations.

    The process might also appear to be chaotic and out of control, letting a huge number of people make many small gifts. This situation is analogous to the beginning days of the web. Tim Berners-Lee created a chaotic mess of URLs with no search engine, experts to approve web content or control duplicate entries. Over time, however, search engines emerged... out of this "chaotic mess" emerged Google, which offers greater meaningful access than any previous library or classification scheme.

sCNN is an invitation to use the blogosphere as network, technorati.com as search engine, individual commitment to action and blog-based documentation as social capital, the aggregated wallets of all potential givers as social venture fund, inbound links as reputation points, and wide open self-organized, self-selected blogroll sharing, in order to focus more attention, energy and resources in the direction of activities and actors, instead of organizations.

Given Tom's years of work on these ideas, I'm taking his list as a real validation of sCNN's invitation to Micro Philanthropy. Question of the moment: Is it enough to invite the ideas or does this space need to be able to claim that $xyz have been donated because of postings here. Would it be enough simply to return our focus to human-scale, everyday giving here?

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