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 The core of this whole sCNN idea is two-fold:

    1. Open Blog... anyone anywhere who has a blog that is reporting planning and progress on projects for the common good will be able to post a bit of news or requests for assistance here.

    2. Replicating Blogrolls... we will troll the open blog postings and keep popping project blog links into the Local News and Network News blogrolls. Ideally, the blogrolls will be swiped and displayed by those listed in them. Everybody magnifying the links to everybody.

In this way, we hope to create a center of giving and receiving for the common good, a place where your gifts and your needs can meet.

Until we get the open public email posting functionality working, we're pulling referrals out of comments and emails.

What Do You Have?

At this point, this whole idea is only six months old, and more than half of that time I've been out of the country. Good news is that I've been able to make connections that can make sCNN an international phenomenon. Bad news is that everything's been moving more slowly than I'd like. Here's what we have discovered, created, invested and received to date:

And more than anything, we have the belief that the most powerful leadership position you can take is participation, in the flow, in community action, and in the blogosphere. We have a way to get connected, get support, get partners, and get things done. Now you have it, too.

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