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What Do You Want? sCNN wants to be a Center for connecting people, resources, requests and actions -- what you want, what you have, what you need and what you are willing to do -- for the common good.

    * We want to connect people, ideas and resources... with each other. We want to help announce what is good, share what is useful, find what is needed and do more of what counts.

    * We have explored many ways to do this and decided to build out a new corner of the blogosphere for this specific and important purpose. We have built this first site and will continue to develop and share it.

    * We need people like you to post your news, projects, progress and gifts. And we need Network Affiliates, organizers and connectors who want to clone this blog, post the logo, copy the Network News roll, and begin to build their own Members News roll.

    * We will post and link to the Small Change news, blogs and sites that we find and we'll add your project blogs to our Members News roll or your own replication of this page to the Network News roll of Affiliates.

What Do You Want?

    * What is happening in your neighborhood, your school, and the larger world?
    * What do you see and hear? ...or smell?
    * What are you bumping into and how do you feel about it?
    * What should be happening?
    * How could the most important issues be addressed or resolved?
    * What do you want the solution to look and sound and feel like?
    * What is your own dream project?

What Do You Have?

    * Who are you and what do you already have going for you?
    * Who do you know? Where are you connected?
    * What's already working, and why?
    * How did you come to care about this issue?
    * What gifts, talents, passions, skills and experiences do you bring to this?
    * Are you spending your own time and money on making something happen?
    * Do you have the funding and need people to work with?
    * Who's already supporting this project?
    * Who can we contact, as references, to find out more about the good work you've already been doing?

What Do You Need?

    * What would it take for you to make a difference?
    * Are you looking for partners? Connections? Some funding? A place to meet? Some special sort of expertise?
    * What kind of connections and contributions do you need to give your own gifts, and make your own contribution, more fully?
    * What kind of support do you need for this project?

What Will You Do?

    * What will you do if you get the help you need?
    * What are your immediate next steps?
    * What results will you produce?
    * Where will you report your progress and success stories?
    * How will all of this benefit you, your contributors and the situation and people you are wanting to serve?
    * What can you promise to this project and anyone else who will join you in it?

Soon we will open this space for public posting of news and requests. Until we get live, open and fully public, we invite your attention, good wishes, comments and assistance in spreading the word. Thank you!

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