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How can we make Snug Cove an inviting place to live, work and play?

This is the question we will be asking ourselves in two all-day, Snug Cove Dialogue sessions on August 8th or 9th (rsvp to either or both) from 10 am to 3 pm at the Boulevard Cottage, 432 Cardena Road. Please come and join fellow Bowen Islanders as we identify the stories, values and landmarks that shape the community spirit and physical landscape of this place we call Snug Cove.

RSVP for August 8th or 9th Snug Cove Dialog process to snugcove@hotmail.com, or call Penny at 947-2941 For more information, go to www.chriscorrigan.com/aicp/snugcove.html

This potent mixing of people, ideas and resources will assist our municipal government, local businesses, stewardship groups and individuals to better evaluate, embrace, and take actions leading toward a healthier and more vibrant Snug Cove Village. Dialogue will be captured in written proceedings, maps and video clips. These will be made available online and for review at Bowfest.

The workshop process will be facilitated by Michael Herman and (our very own) Chris Corrigan, both internationally known for their work with corporate and community organisations. Their work enables ordinary citizens to self-organise around complex issues with rapid, substantive and often surprising results. We certainly have the issues. Come join us and be prepared for surprises AND solutions.

A collaboration of the Bowen Island Sustainable Community Advisory Committee, the Lifelong Learning Society, the Bowen Island Municipal planning department, the Ashoka Institute for Community Practice, Natural Resources Canada, the UBC Collaborative for Advanced Landscape Planning and the UBC Sustainable Development Research Initiative

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