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Susan Rischard Fehl advances the awareness and skills of individuals, groups and organizations through a home-grown, people-centered process called "The Conscious Organization(SM)". With more than 25 years diverse experience, including line management, accounting, information technology, training and organizational development, Susan's been helpful to companies such as Ford, Nationwide Insurance, Bank One, AT&T, IBM, Battelle Memorial Institute, Los Alamos Labs, and newspaper publishing firms in the U.S. and Australia.

A leader in Information Teachnology organizational transformation, Susan implemented a virtual company model used by Bank One, AT&T and IBM to provide Bank One with network and data center services. She developed and led the implementation of several common processes including "Managing For Results” – a planning and management system and "Problem Analysis and Solution Design" – a methodology integrated into every-day service delivery. Susan uses practices that hold people in a place of dignity and respect.

Susan resides in Delaware, Ohio on a small farm with Craig, two daughters and three dogs. (Three dogs at this time anyway…you just never know who might need a home.)

Please share your ideas and challenges: susanfehl@columbus.rr.com

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