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In 2003, [Peter Frost and] Harvard Business Press published Toxic Emotions at Work: How Compassionate Managers Handle Pain and Conflict. Response to this ground-breaking work has been phenomenal, leaving many of us to wonder what would happen if we could all Come Together to learn, support and develop the essential and valuable practice of Toxin Handling in organization. And so you are invited to...

Coming Together: A Gathering of the People Who Keep Organizations From Coming Apart

All leaders inevitably cause pain. When markets move, rules change, conditions sour, disaster strikes, and cultures clash, leaders make the tough calls and public statements needed to deal with the situation. What's more, they do this on top of personal sickness, family tragedy, community crisis, money troubles, and other kinds of personal pain that inevitably leaks into the workplace. While this pain may be unavoidable, it need not -- and is not -- always toxic.

Everyday pain and conflict only becomes toxic -- and a real threat to the bottom line -- when the ways it's handled cause people to lose their hope and humanity. The best leaders know this and know how to handle pain and conflict in ways that keep hope and dignity, business options and personal relationships alive. We call such leaders and helpers Toxin Handlers because they manage emotional dangers in ways that keep the people and the business going strong, in spite of everything.

Toxin Handlers do essential and valuable work to support the health and well-being, productivity and profitability of the organization. They keep pain and conflict from feeding on itself. They attend to the immediate human and emotional needs in business situations. They work to remove or reduce the sources of pain and conflict. They help rehabilitate relationships and productivity after the problems are removed, so that life and work can keep moving. They help keep people and organizations from coming apart.

The work of the Toxin Handler is always personal and difficult, often dangerous and rarely acknowledged in job descriptions and performance reviews. As a result, Toxin Handlers do their important work on their own time, working longer hours to get their regular assignments done, often and eventually at great cost to their own health and well-being. When "Toxin" Handlers don't get the support they need, they themselves can become "Toxic" Handlers. They burn out. They get physically sick. They may even need to leave the organization permanently in order to recover. When this happens, everybody loses.

We know there is pain in organizations AND there are some people in organizations, leaders and others, who are always working to maintain hope and human dignity. These people buffer the pain and navigate difficult situations in ways that keep them from turning toxic and destructive. We know these Toxin Handlers often work in isolation, their value unacknowledged, their skills not supported and passed on to others, and themselves not benefiting from the care they bring to others. This puts the Toxin Handler and whole organizations at risk.

Coming Together: A Gathering of the People Who Keep Organizations From Coming Apart

Recognizing the essential and valuable work of the Toxin Handler, we want to strenthen and develop this function in organizations everywhere, and to support the people who do this work. To do this, we are inviting Toxin Handlers -- official and unofficial, formally trained, instinctively self-developed, or pushed into it by circumstances -- to Come Together for three days of hopeful, human, healing business:

If you know the truth and power and value of Toxin Handling work in organizations, we invite you to Come Together. If you recognize Toxin Handling in the way you run your own organization and relationships, we invite you to Come Together. If you wish you could do more, learn more and grow more support for Toxin Handling in your own organization, we invite you to Come Together. If you want to see what kind of impact a growing number of compassionate and effective leaders and managers can have on the way we all do business and run organizations, we invited you to Come Together.

Coming Together: A Gathering of the People Who Keep Organizations From Coming Apart

...in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada at the _________________.

...gathering on Wednesday, May __, 2004 at 8:30 a.m., opening and agenda-setting at 9:00 am.

...closing on Friday, May __, 2004 at 3:30 p.m. and continuing online at http://www.ToxinHandler.com

...cost is CD$995... registered and paid before ___, $1195 paid after ___.

...contact Chris, Michael for more info. send registration to...



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