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ToxinHandlerConferenceInvitation - DRAFT

Notes from a conversation

The invitation kind of moves like this:

It looks like a letter, with the book cover in it, distributed to Peter's network and elsewhere, widely and deeply.


Snippets of language to use and incorporate and shape into story:

Toxin handler manifesto

Grief index

The Grief Recovery Institute, with offices in Los Angeles and in St. Williams, Ont., recently released its 2003 study, "Grief Index: The 'Hidden' Annual Costs of Grief in America's Workplace." The study estimates the amount of money U.S. industry loses every year owing to the byproducts of grief, such as lost productivity and accidents on the job, at $75.1-billion (U.S.). The incidents that contribute to grief range from death of a loved one ($37.5-billion) to divorce ($11.1-billion) to pet loss ($2.4-billion).

"When we hear grief, we tend to think, 'Oh that's a Mother Teresa issue, and I ain't Mother Teresa,' " says Peter Frost, author of Toxic Emotions at Work and professor of organizational behaviour with the faculty of commerce at UBC.

But simply being around to listen to an employee in trouble is the simplest and most helpful thing you can do, he says. "The irony is, the simplest thing you can do is just be there. Over and over again, that comes through."

More on the GriefIndex

Why come to this conference?


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