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Us and Them - Taking Responsibility.

Attendees (please add): Leah, Ann, Sharon, Murray, Penny, Jan, Val,

A spiraling conversation that was noted as follows:

It's easy to let others take responsibility. Action-inaction. Feeling powerless. There are different ways of thinking. How do you invite more people to participate? Equity-access to all. Seeing the bigger group. "Get the camel inside the tent". Creating respect. Identifying with each other beyond difference. There are those who have power,information, resources and those who don't. How do you start from what you have - indirect needs and common good? US and THEM is less real than we think. A mapping of who feels what shifts and reframes self and situation. Have a personal practice of acceptance of all input and value the basic human being. Change can come about by changing the way you communicate.

CONFLICT. Name it: Look at us - we're in conflict. Create space: Lets find a resolution. Step back, breathe. Righteous anger - paying attention to it. Reframe the question. Stay in the discussion, manage irritation. Compassionate leadership.

There is power in healthy curiousity. Everyone has an interesting story. Acknowledging strengths of the individual and the community: "Where do you get your strength?". Ignite leadership. Create a community asset map.

Create space: Where do we want to go?

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