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Issue: Using OST for Visioning

Participants: Gary (convener), dave, doug, penny, kim, susan

Summary of Discussion:

in the OST user's guide, harrison owen notes that the 'vision' is what emerges on the community bulletin board wall space at the beginning of the open space meeting or event. as people continue to meet in open space, post their most important issues, hold the conversations, and post the notes/documentation of the resolutions and plans that come out of those conversations... the vision becomes an active, living, story that continually changes and always perfectly fits and includes everyone. when people ask me to do an open space to create a vision, i always ask what they want to do with the 6-7 or 15 or whatever hours they'll have left after we post the topics and create that vision in the first 1-1.5 hours of the program. --MichaelHerman

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