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People get tired of one-offs..this is a whole new concept!

Ongoing Open Space could be a way... for citizens to renew committment...to reveal more complexity than might be apparent ....to structure a wholeness of process and place...to open space away from issues ..to build a foundation and a host of stewards...to build complexity and informed citizens...to build a culture of dialogue and generosity...to build community capacity; a 'web' that supports us.

With good intention, we can have faith that the processes will take care of themselves.

We dont need to fuss about the late adopters.

We can communicate the inviting organization when we: recognize multiple visions and stories, understand that conflict is okay, and ask people what they know about.

'Vision' is a focal point and can be conflicted between people but Open Space builds capacity for a different response and can sometimes be used to replace other kinds of decisionmaking mechanisms. In Open Space, problem solving just happens! People get angry about the past but never about the future.

Ideas for the invitations: Map our assets. Start in heart and purpose; map where we are at and plan the next Open Space based on that. Follow the quadrants with invitation...create invitations through different 'doors', ie, storytelling. Set up multiple ways for people to connect in at any time.

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