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What could be bad about buying strawberries from the guy down the road?

…and why don’t we do it more often?

Please join us to grow your business or professional practice as an essential part of a Living Economy in BC! Let’s work together!

WHEN: Thursday, September 25, 3pm – 8pm and Friday, September 26, 9am to 5pm

WHERE: Green Seed Foundation, 2277 West 10th, Vancouver

COST: $50 to cover direct costs for food and materials

For more information and TO REGISTER Contact Penny Scott: pscott@axion.net or 604 947-2941

Real prosperity is rooted in businesses that are locally-owned and import-substituting. Local ownership helps ensure that the benefits of business are enjoyed for the long-term. --Michael Shuman, Going Local

Local business owners and leaders have a direct stake in the livability of their communities and bio-regions. In these two days of working sessions, we will do business together. We will feed our own businesses AND we will establish a local network organization that can…

  1. . Encourage local purchasing by consumers and businesses
  2. . Help mall businesses with few resources connect to a powerful support system.
  3. . Support the growth and development of community-based businesses
  4. . Educate our communities about local living economies
  5. . Collaborate to make local purchasing and environmental practices more convenient and affordable
  6. . Create opportunities for business leaders to network and share best practices of sustainable businesses
  7. . Connect sectoral planning and decision-making systems with local vendors, community organizations, and sustainability initiatives
  8. . Advocate for public polices which support the health and growth of local living economies.

We need you to come learn, contribute, connect and create the ways we can do these things here in BC. We need you to be a part of this ongoing Network that will continue to work together for mutual support on the individual business issues and common economic interests that affect the livability of our whole region. We need to grow the leading edge of Living Economy in BC!

A Local Living Economy provides secure and fulfilling livelihoods for all people, works in harmony with natural systems, supports biological and cultural diversity, and fosters fulfilling and enjoyable community life.

						BALLE website: http://www.livingeconomies.org

BALLE (Business Alliance for Local Living Economy) is an organization of thirty fully autonomous local business networks across North America. These independent organizations have their own local names, local visions and local initiatives, but they all share a commitment to growing Local Living Economies. BALLE members represent businesses, non-profit organizations, farms, and supportive individuals.

The BALLE BC network was conceived in January of 2003. Since then, a number of initiatives have served to raise awareness and spark interest in establishing an organization dedicated to connecting businesses that are growing Living Economies in BC. The launch of a network in BC will allow us to leverage the wealth of resources, knowledge and purchasing power we have right here in the province.

Please join us as we begin to work together… as business leaders with a real stake in and commitment to living economy and healthy community. Many businesses are already making significant contributions to our Local Living Economy. This event will help more of us get connected to the growing movement. By connecting this regional network of people, ideas and resources, we will be able to better evaluate, embrace, and take actions to make our businesses AND communities more prosperous AND alive!

About the Process

Open Space Technology invites people working on complex and important issues to connect and deepen their work, through responsible self-organization. Open Space is more than just a phenomenal meeting process. It forms the basis of a new, whole way of working and being in organizations and communities. It leverages inherent expertise and knowledge to create new options, possibilities and progress. It gets people and information moving in powerful new directions. And most importantly, Open Space demonstrates and activates the kinds of markets, communities, initiatives and results we are working to create here.

These sessions will be facilitated by Michael Herman, an internationally recognized facilitator of Open Space Technology. He has worked for years with Harrison Owen, the creator of Open Space Technology, and was the co-host of the eighth annual Open Space on Open Space international gathering of Open Space Technology facilitators in Chicago in 1999. Michael’s practice has led him to working with some of the biggest corporations in the United States as well as community and youth groups around the world. He serves as a director for the Open Space Institute USA and is the founding webmaster for the worldwide Open Space practitioner community at http://www.openspaceworld.org/. His personal website is at http://www.michaelherman.com.

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