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Notes and proceedings from the Vancouver practice workshop September 23-24, 2003 Facilitated by ChrisCorrigan? and MichaelHerman

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September 23

WHOA! IT'S TRANSFORMATION! ...issues and opportunities for the future of leadership and organization

  1. TransformingConsultation?: How do we tap and support both passion AND responsibility in community consultation processes? - ChrisCorrigan?
  2. How can we help each other DevelopACultureOfAcceptance? of people, culture, values, leadership styles...so that we can transform to a true community? - VeronicaVinge?
  3. How do we SupportCommunityAndPersonalVoicesInHighlyStructuredAndFormailizedSystems? around protocols of conversation, discussion and interaction? - DavidStevenson?
  4. HowInvolvedCanWeBeAsAFacilitator?? When do you intervene? - MichelleWashington?
  5. OpeningSpaceInABureaucracyAndShowingResults? - PamMcAllister?
  6. CanPowerEverBeEqualizedInNegotiationAndCommunication?? - SusanMather?
  7. EngagingInPowerfulConversations? - JulieStockton?
  8. InvitingDialogueAroundMeaningfulIssues? in an academic business environment - JulieStockton?
  9. HowDoWeBalancePersonalAndProfessionalResponsibility? in the leadership development process? - VeronicaVinge?
  10. CommunityLeadersInAction? - Developing and invitation - DonellaSellers?
  11. HowCanWeEngageCommunitiesInMeaningfulActionTowardsSustainableUrbanDevelopment?? (or other areas of passion) - AndrewBarker?
  12. HowCanOpenSpaceAccomodateCulturalGenderAndOtherDiofferences? between people especially in terms of communication? - SusanMather?
  13. LegendsAndMythsInAnOrganization?: The role of leadership - MikeMearns?

September 24th

WOW! IT'S INVITATION! ...where will we practice?

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