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From: Joelle Lyons Everett <mailto:JLEShelton@aol.com>;


One of my small contributions to waging peace will be to facilitate a public Open Space conference in Seattle on Sunday, May 4, around the theme, Creating the World We Want. Below, an invitation with more details, which you can pass on to friends.

Hope to have old and new friends join us in imagining what the world COULD be, and how to realize our dreams.

Joelle Everett jleshelton@aol.com 360-426-8517


The first of May has long been celebrated as the flowering of spring and a time to bring new creation into the world. We invite you to honor this season of new beginnings, and share in the worldwide celebration of Creativity and Innovation Day, by joining us for a daylong conversation on May 4.

Together we will explore how we can use our own deep creativity to create the kind of world we want to live in.

The Open Space meeting format will make it easy to connect with other people who share your passions and concerns. Any issue that you care deeply about will be on the table, if you care to put it there.

The facilitator will be Joelle Lyons Everett, who has led and participated in Open Space conferences around the world for more than ten years.

Time: Sunday, May 4, 2003. 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Come at 8:30 to find parking, check in, have a cup of tea or coffee and greet your friends.

Place: Blue Moon Healing Arts , 123 Boylston , Capital Hill.

Sponsor: Spirit in Leadership Circle, Women of Wisdom.

Cost: Donation $35, proceeds support WOW community programs. Sliding scale fee will be arranged if required. Bring a brown-bag lunch.

Registration: Everyone is welcome--men and women, teens to elders—but our physical space limits us to 40, and pre-registration is appreciated. Contact our Registrar Dianne Smith Cubell at hartisans@aol.com 206-726-1799. You will receive a confirmation e-mail with directions and parking information.

There will be a table for flyers or brochures about related events and your own creative work, so bring what you would like to share.

Questions? Contact Dianne or Joelle, jleshelton@aol.com.

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