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from JohnEngle? in haiti:

during january, i attended training on nonviolence. while i gained much from, i was the only open space practitioner and its format was very much not open space.

i shared open space (obviously) with other participants on an informal basis. below is an invitation/report of someone who read harrison's practice of peace and quickly began using open space in his community. he is another example of never having formal training-he didn't even read the "users guide," yet had the heart to move forward.

the february 23rd meeting referred to was their first open space on this theme, convening 30 people.


"War? Peace? What do we do now?" Dialog

The public is invited to come and continue the dialog on the issues of war and peace starting at 1:30 on the afternoon of March 2 at the Hampshire Colony Congregational Church in Princeton, IL. This dialog was started on 2/23 and the participants felt so good about the experience they have decided to do it again. In this forum, the participants set the agenda by raising topics of concern to be discussed. The theme for this day will be "War? Peace? What are we to do now?"

After the collection of discussion topics in regard to this theme, participants are invited to enter into discussion groups of their interest. No groups are assigned and participants are encouraged to move freely between group. Our hope is that this will create opportunities where people can express and exchange ideas and hopefully will be a time when people of different positions can speak freely and really listen to each other. We anticipate good dialog and shared learning. Key points of the discussions will be recorded and reported to all participants.

Those with note-taking or laptop transcription skills are invited to share their talents; bring what you need for this. There will be a brief explanation of the meeting format. The public of any persuasion is invited to come and go as their schedules and interest allow. The sessions will end by 5:30 pm.

Questions; Dialog planning Committee: Rick Fandel,875 2615 Steve Gunning, 875 4706 Jim Fitz 646 4672 Phil Kauffman 646 4889 Please announce this among friends and in your organizations and churches and mark your calenders

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