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(from Qwest Interactive) ...to grow and thrive, Web communities need "social scaffolding"—roles, rituals, features, events, leadership…aspects of a site that foster community development.

"Much like a trellis enables a plant to grow, social scaffolding enables members to become progressively more involved in the community." —Amy Jo Kim, Community Building on the Web

Community-Building Principles

  1. Define the community’s purpose.
  2. Create extensible gathering places.
  3. Create evolving member profiles.
  4. Promote effective leadership & hosting.
  5. Define a code of conduct that is clear, yet flexible.
  6. Organize and promote cyclic events.
  7. Provide a range of roles.
  8. Facilitate member-created subgroups (horizontal space).
  9. Integrate with the real world.

Community—Value Proposition

Community—What’s in it for me?

Focus on user audiences (sustain interest)

Community—Autonomy & Identity

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