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This page is a living homepage for the emerging OpenSpaceTechnology practice group in Winnipeg.

It begins with the notes from the 2-day workshop we did there in October, but can grow to include invitations, proceedings, reflections, questions, and other information related to any of the future events and meetings that might happen now in Winnipeg, including the January 18-19, 2003 Aboriginal Youth Conference.

How to post your workshop notes

if you have any trouble posting here, email me at chris@chriscorrigan.com

Workshop Day One proceedings

"How can OST help in our community?"

  1. What is the purpose of Keynote/GuestSpeakers? What will be the topic of the speeches? To motivate youth? Political? History lesson? Are the selected speakers going to speak at a youth level, or are the youth going to feel inadequate or dry? Do we need something lighter? How do we ensure there is a flow between Day 1 and Day 2 (OST)?
  2. Identifying AboriginalYouthPriorities? (what should AYAC fund?)
  3. How will YouthReact? to Open Space and/or benefit from it?
  4. WhoAreWeGoingToInvite?? Media?
  5. What exactly is the role that the CommitteeWillPlay? in the forum?
  6. What if we have a forum and No-oneComes? Or worse, no-one contributes? Or worse still, no-one feels they got anything out of it?
  7. Discuss agenda for YouthForumDayTwo? Open Space
  8. How to MaintainContinuity? after the forum? How are we (AYAC) going to follow up on the youth forum? After the youth get their complaints out where does it go from there? How is it going to help us, and what if nothing changes to help youth?

NOTE: Some of the these topics are the result of convenors merging their topics.

"What is the Role of the Committee?"

  1. What is the committee role to others in the short-term and long-term? What about being lobbied after that - which affects conflict of interest?
  2. Members will not co-facilitate because R.B. Russell will, and members will take part in discussions (?)
  3. Committee can set the tone, goals (and ideas) of the conference at the beginning.
  4. Committee - advisors in agenda of conference
  5. Committee is there to listen and hear the other youth.
  6. Committee members to be butterflies and bumblebees.

''"Who are we going to invite?"

  1. How are youth going to get there? Any barriers? Childcare needs?
  2. Youth from ages 15-29
  3. Youth participants from organizations which received UMAYC funding for youth projects.
  4. Recreation centres, pools halls, malls (ex: Portage Place)
  5. Youth Councils
  6. Youth from schools: Sisler, Tec Voc, Children of the Earth, etc.
  7. Youth from universities and colleges: U. of M., U. of W., RRCC..
  8. Contact teachers who may know children who dropped
  9. Guidance counsellors
  10. Youth from the Adolescent parent support program
  11. Youth involved with issues re: literacy, anti-gang, etc.
  12. Youth workers
  13. Marymound
  14. Youth from the Otema Program
  15. Remand Centre, St. Norbert Foundation, Group Homes, Native Addictions Services Centre, AFM, Gay & Lesbian Support Group, Salvation Army youth, Klinic, Mount Carmel, Ndinawe, Metis Women of Manitoba, Mother of Red Nations, North End Women's Centre
  16. Media: APTN, A-Channel, CBC, Sharing Circle, Aboriginal Newspapers, NCI, Free Press, Community Newspapers

Workshop Day Two Proceedings

"When and Where will we Open Space?"

  1. When and where is there NotAnAppropriateTime? to Open Space?
  2. Identifying places to OpenSpaceInCommunities
  3. How do we make the CommitteeAvailable? to the participants after the forum without causing a conflict of interest?
  4. Opening space in OrganizationsEveryday
  5. How can we improve the way our CommitteeDoesBusiness?
  6. Using OST as a tool for re-developing our ProposalAssessment? and scoring method sheets

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