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Here is the invitation to the one-day [Zapchen Somatics] practice workshop I led on Bowen Island, BC in August, 2003. Looking forward to running a two-day in Vancouver, sometime in 2004.

An Introduction to Zapchen Somatics (...or How To Feel as Good as You Can, In Spite of Everything)

Zapchen Somatics is a practice lineage, the product of the marriage of Tibetan Vajrayana Buddhism and Western Somatic Psychology. Much less formally than all that makes it sound, Zapchen helps us notice that well-being is possible. Already. Now. In spite of Everything.

Zapchen is a direct approach to feeling good. It's simple, easy movement and the most effortless of sounds. It touches being more deeply than is possible with thinking and talking. It is doing. And resting. And then doing a little more. Like this, slowly it helps us build our tolerance for ease, abundance, openness and feeling good, as bodies.

In practice, Zapchen is simple. We stretch, in an animal rather than an athletic sort of way. We rock and roll, jiggle and hum, yawn and nap. Over time, Zapchen strengthens our sense of power and base, opens our hearts for embrace, and releases tension in the neck, brain and eyes. It helps us do and care and see more of what is really going on. We practice without effort and slowly we learn to live that way, too.

Zapchen was originated, as a practice, by Julie Henderson, PhD?, whose Tibetan teachers gave her the Zapchen name and asked her to teach the practice to other westerners. Julie leads practice groups and retreats on three continents and shares a taste of Zapchen online at http://www.zapchen.com.

Michael Herman is a student of Julie Henderson and a periodic visitor to Bowen Island. On his last visit, he shared a copy of Julie Henderson's book, "Embodying Well-Being" and taught some of it's easy, giggling exercises to the Corrigan-Frost family and some friends. Over the last few months, these folks have discovered that these Zappy bits really work.

And so, it is at their request (and with the encouragement of Julie Henderson) that Michael has agreed to lead a Zappy day of practicing easy and well-being. Here are the details:

When: August 30th, 2003 -- 10am unitl about 4pm

Where: Ashoka House (which means attendance is slightly limited)

How Much: ...sliding scale, (suggested contribution $45-$95), based on your own self-determined ability to pay, noting that half of the entire proceedings will go toward buying teddy bears and school supplies for the (little) monks at the Bairoling Monastery in Kathmandu, Nepal, where Michael will hand-deliver these things this October.

What to Bring: Meditation cushions, pillows, and any other padding that will help you sit and lie comfortably on the carpeted floor at Ashoka House, a blanket for keeping warm (really), and something really delicious for your own lunch. There will be a few extra cushions there and also plenty of juicy water to drink.

Pre-Registration is recommended and requested: Contact Caitlin Frost at 604-947-9254 to register and get more info.

ZappyBitsPracticeNotes - some notes on what we did

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