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What others are saying about Inviting Organization...

What a treat... my first impression is BRAVO!

Tom Evons, Director, Youth Development Commission
St. Joseph County, Indiana USA

Amazing! felt as if you were right here talking to me.

Beverly McCarthy, Ashford Group, Inc.
Westchester, Ohio, USA

Really a very beautiful gift to the world...a must read for facilitators and a nice piece of inspiration for me!

Chris Corrigan, Consultant/Facilitator
Vancouver, British Columbia, CANADA

What a marvelous gift you've created... a rich collection of Open Space stories and resources on the net...the generous sharing of a talented OS facilitator.

...delightfully disarming...a profound invitation to discover the powerful attraction inherent in living and working by invitation. ...marvelous, useful and well worth exploring.

Congratulations, Michael, on your fabulous, good work! and enticing. Thanks so much for sharing yourself and your work so generously with all of us!

Metta Zetty, Kimble/Zetty Consulting
San Antonio, Texas USA

...really enjoyed your website. You really are in your stories and invitations. You have used your own words, metaphors and experiences...that is powerful and it calls forth the same in others.

Helen Patterson from New Zealand

Great work! Thank you!

Uwe Weissflog, Pathway Guidance
Vohl-Marienhagen, GERMANY

Ah, for a copy of your light-filled labyrinth
on peach-colored paper,
a cabin lost in these fiery oaks
on a mountainside,
and three days to read,
spicy tuna rolls, trillium tea,
and a swirling breath of leaves
between each thought...

It really is marvelous and generous. I'll keep returning for tastes and will send many folks your way.

Chris Weaver, Poet Laureate, Worldwide Open Space <grin>

...just finished perusing "Inviting Organization" as my sabbath exercise for today. Thank you for your generosity of spirit!

Winston Kinch, Consultant
Toronto, Ontario, CANADA

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