the fruits of nothing – while flipping through the May edition of ConciousChoice, I see that BALLE is coming to Chicago in the form of a new organization called Sustainable Chicago. Kickoff event is Thursday evening, June 26th, with BALLE co-founder Judy Wicks, at Garfield Park Conservatory. Register by phone at 312-951-8999 ext. 106. Cost for the evening is $20. See you there!

noticing kindness – as i’m noticing more frequently in the direction of what is beautiful, good and working, the whole world seems to be coming unglued… in all kinds of beautiful, good and productive ways! now how unsettling is that? not unrelated, i think, kindness has been a major topic in the last 24 hours. doing for others, but also the willingness to do and be kindness for ourselves. the kindest thing i can think of for myself is space. the space and time and breath to do what i know to be essential to my own flourishing. this is quite a bit different from doing what is necessary. sometimes it is doing nothing at all. comments about this taking care of essence? as individuals or whole organizations and communities?

developing partnerships – Been talking with Penny Scott in Vancouver/BowenIsland about university/community partnerships. We’re working together on a couple of things there and she’s rockin’ on bringing Business Alliance for Local Living Economies (BALLE) to Vancouver and the rest of Canada.

Back in Chicago, I’m wanting to learn more about BALLE action here, Asset-Based Community Development up at Northwestern and the Great Cities Institute at UIC. Looking for ways to be more connected to local movements that are bringing the largest and smallest economic and community entitities together for the common good.

Some key ingredients turning up so far: human-scale initiatives, emergent organic structures, appreciative approach, deep(ening) sense of place, working partnerships, opening spaces (opportunities) for others, generative creativity, conscious individual choices and control, attention to long-run consequences, making markets for information sharing. developing…