Open Space Practices

Thanks to Dave Pollard for his posting about the recent work on Open Space Practices kicked off by Chris Corrigan with Dave Stevenson. I’ve been slowly refining the descriptions of the practices and a two-day workshop design.

Hoping to get out to Seattle WA and Bowen Island BC in August or September to run the workshop with Chris and Dave. Will present a thimble-full of this in early April for a company here in London. Hoping there might yet be another opportunity for the full two-day workshop to run here in the UK before I leave in July.

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  1. a welcoming of what is, and a willingness to notice. sounds like a good recipe for compassion!

    here’s a late-night wondering about the quality of discernment, where that fits in…maybe partly within the practice of focusing, partly within the practice that includes accountability (and in with the cycle of the seasons–looping back to check whether or not the path i’m making really is still related to my original passion and whether or not i’m still passionate about it…)?

  2. a welcoming of what is… fun to read that, i just posted about it down at an earlier post on the topic.

    august or september… wonderful indeed. looking forward to it!


  3. ah…this four practices work you are doing is breathtaking, beautiful. the first practice of opening also brings me a sense of Welcome (which is less specific than the inviting practice), and embracing makes me think of Contact (a kind of embracing that can also happen back-to-back); and the practice of inviting makes me think of the cosmological power of Gravity (attraction, bonding and love)

    seattle in august or september! yay!

  4. if i’m following you, christy, that discernment process, where i see what has shown up and if it’s what i wanted, is essentially the practice of the first, opening quadrant… am i willing and able to notice my own effects? my own results? my own power? and is what i’m doing with it satisfying my heart? my passion? is my suffering reduced? my joy compounded, by what i’ve been doing, practicing, the position i’ve taken in fourth quadrant.

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