Omidyar Network: More and More Conference

Originally posted to sCNN – the smallChangeNewsNetwork

Please help spread the word about this first capacity-building conference for the Omidyar Network community in July. It’s sort of a next generation of the Giving Conference where sCNN was born last year.

Please join us for a three-day event of, by and for the community and friends — to build our capacity to make good things happen.

What: Discovering Our Power to Make Good Things Happen
When: July 29-31, 2005
Where: Carleton Hotel, Oak Park, IL

Who We Are: is a new, growing online community. We believe every individual has the power to make a difference. We exist for one single purpose: So that more and more people discover their own power to make good things happen. If you have not joined this community yet, you can go here and check it out.

You’re Invited: This conference is for members, friends and other curious do-gooders to come together, make connections, have fun, do as much good work as each and every one of us can… and then go home, more connected, energized and capable of doing more and more of whatever we call good in the world. Come join a good party getting better! …and bring your good friends, too!

See the full invitation for more information and registration.

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