Hello WordPress!

Well, after NINE weeks of unacknowledged requests from blogger.com — my patience helped a bit by a couple weeks of holiday hiking in Wales and Scotland and two household moves, one across town in London and then one back across the Pond to Chicago — I have finally pulled the blogger plug.

Thanks to Shannon for pointing me into WordPress and to Catsutorials for making it really easy to import all my old blogger posts. I’m so excited about WordPress that I had to put it up here at smallchangenews.org, temporarily, until I can upgrade the globalchicago.net service.

Much to do, including porting across all the old sidebar goodies and making the template my own… but this is a good start. And it’s really good to be back! WordPress rocks.

2 Replies to “Hello WordPress!”

  1. Ah, I wondered where you were! I suppose I could always have asked… Good to see you back here though 🙂
    Hope you enjoyed Wales/Scotland (I’d be amazed if you didn’t – unless of course you were feasted upon by the dreaded Scottish midges!)

  2. Thanks, Andy… my time in London ran out quicker than expected, thanks to a paucity of seats available. Sorry to boogie before we could chat again. Next time!

    And yes, we definitely got munched, but also got on top of snowden, nevis and skye!

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