Members: More and More (pre-conference)

Today is the first day of a the first-ever Members’ capacity building conference. I had dinner last night with a group old (online) friends who’d never seen each other before. We are from Boston, Chicago, Denver, California, Oz via New Orleans, Brazil, Germany, New York, Vancouver, and someplace else so far. We have others coming from Africa and elsewhere. We didn’t pick delegates, that’s just where we all happen to come from.

We are, as a group, doing all kinds of different things, amazing things really, “so that more and more people discover their power to make good things happen.” We are meeting these next three days, in Open Space, to have make more of all the good this group is already doing. You can read more and more about Omidyar Network and this conference. Time to go facilitate! Will report more and more later today…

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  1. Great to see you blogging here, Michael!

    I wonder if you might help folks understand the difference between the members (it seems like this is the affinity of the group gathered in Chicago) and Omidyar Network (the group who hosts the community, but is a separate entity).

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