Appreciating Open Space

This from Rose Vines blogging the Members’ “More and More” conference that’s running here in Open Space this weekend:

I’m starting to understand the permissive wisdom of Open Space. Can’t say I thought about it much before the conference, but I am so thoroughly enjoying the way this is all happening. (Thanks, Michael.) There’s no compulsiveness about start/stop times; or staying in one group (love the concept of butterflies and bumble bees who cross-pollinate between discussions). And so what I’m discovering is that the discussions never stop…just keep going through lunch, in hallways…morphing as people pass by and drop in a comment. Huge, huge amounts of interconnectedness, repetition (in a really useful sense), common underpinnings to diverse topics.

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  1. Michael, thank you for inviting me into onet, and for helping me understand how much my work follows the open space principles. For those who don’t know, I met Michael a few years ago when he did a presentation about open space at a Midwest Facilitator’s Conference, held in Chicago. As Michael explained the role of the person with the idea, the database, and who send the invitation, it dawned on me that for the previous 25 years I had been leading an open space process. The result of this is that thousands of people from around the world are now connected to each other, and to information about volunteer based tutoring/mentoring, through the work I’d doing.

    Each time we make another invitation, or another introduction, we multiply the people we are connecting to each other.


  2. great to have you all showing up in the new blog space! and great to have you with us this weekend, dan.

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