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Nothing like 9 months in a couple of foreign countries to tip your world all upside right down. Now it’s sort of like that old John Denver line, coming home to a place I’ve never been before.

Since August, 1998, my online development work has focused on inviting and supporting other people and groups to get their webbed toes wet at GlobalChicago.NET. More people than I could ever hope to count have been a part of my experiments with guest books, bulletin boards, wiki webs, weblogs, and a few other gizmos along the way.

When I went to London, this blog was inexplicably renamed “PeaSoup.” Nothing consciously to do with London fog, and never expected it to be a temporary name. It was just how I felt there in London. Soupy. Even as I did some good cleaning and upgrading. Still more to do and that will continue apace.

Meanwhile, it’s starting to feel like home again here in Chicago, giving primary attention to house, partner, and practice. The PeaSoup name is gone, some community things will continue at GlobalChicago, but my web focus is here now, at MichaelHerman.COM. This space is the new center of what I’ve come to understand as my practice of “executive facilitation.”

It’s all about getting the most important things done in the easiest ways possible, in spite of everything else in organization. Welcome homepage.

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  1. hi m!

    fun to come by and see this place trying on different looks/upholstery, yet maintaining the welcoming and comfy feel.

    i love that “getting the most important things done in the easiest ways possible”–so simple, clear, powerful, and so different from much of business as usual

  2. thanks, christy… i’m having some fun with this notion of ‘executive facilitator’ as a functional title. making it easier to get stuff done, to carry out. or to do making easy.

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